Solve Education! learning competition is Africa’s biggest learning competition, conducted through Ed the learning bot. The Solve Education! learning competition enables college students to put their knowledge and skills to the test for exciting prizes up to 6 Million Naira. Ed the Bot leverages telegram to deploy learning solutions.
The Solve Education! Learning competition takes place through our telegram bot, Ed the bot. Join the contest by registering to lead a team. You can do this by sending Hello to Ola here.
Players must collect points by playing with Ed the bot on telegram to be ranked on the leaderboard. The points will be counted daily from 8 AM WAT until 7:59 AM WAT the next day. Place in the top 20 to collect a ticket for your team and be eligible for the weekly draw! One group can only get a maximum of 5 tickets per day.
The Weekly challenge runs for 4 weeks in a row. One weekly challenge will run for 6 days from Thursday 8AM WAT until next Wednesday 8 AM WAT. Teams’ objective is to collect as many tickets as possible during the challenge period. The tickets will be used for choosing the weekly challenge winner. The more ticket a team has, the higher the probability of winning the weekly challenge and proceeding to the Monthly Game Show.
Weekly Challenge winner will be chosen by choosing 1 lucky ticket. The team selected by the wheel is the winner of the weekly challenge and eligible for a slot in the Monthly Game Show. We will record the drawing process and post the video on Social Media Weekly winner and be published via broadcast message on telegram. The winner announcement will be made on Wednesday at 11 AM WAT. The week after the 4th weekly challenge of the month will be a break week.
Yes, tickets accumulated over each week expire after each week's Game Ons. This means that a new set of tickets can be collected each week.
CA code is provided by your campus ambassadors. With it, we can measure your learning progress and quantify the impact of our work.