Scholarship Programme for Nigerians

The Solve Education Foundation’s Grant programme aims to make grants and scholarships available to youths while allowing them the room to improve critical soft skills that they need to lead the future they desire. Solve Education Foundation’s Grant programme is accessible to every student regardless of school grades or academic achievement.


Intending beneficiar(ies) show interest and are listed on a voting poll. Their goal is to get a number of students to LEARN (play English game) and vote them on the poll). For every person that supports you with a vote and completes a 1mins English quiz on our English and Employability Chatbot, Solve Education! will add N40 – N80 to your redeemable grant award, depending on whether your supporter are learning on the chatbot for the first time or not. Voting is FREE.


For every New voter who learns, we add N80 to your grant award

For every Returning voter who learns, we add N40 to your grant award

Your grant award hits maturity at 300 votes. We believe lazy students should not access scholarships.

The least grant award per student per week is N10,000, and per month is N40,000. Students may use the grant for tuition payment and other education expenses, e.g. (hostel/feeding/computer procurement, etc). There is currently no fundraising limit with Solve Education! Foundation.

Event organizers can send their proposals to for sponsorships.

Grant Winners

Micro-Scholarships Disbursed So Far

Quick Facts about SE! Scholarship Program

It is available to every tertiary institution student in Nigeria.

Your CGPA does not matter to benefit from our Scholarship, but we will test your GRIT & PERSEVERANCE.

Eligibility criteria: you’ll need to get a minimum of 300 people to learn and support you with a vote.

You can win our Scholarships every week to have more resources for your education.

How Can I Win A Grant From Solve Education!

Once you have indicated interest, onboarding will be done by any of our staff. Once you’ve understood how voting works, you will be listed on the voting poll. Students who cross the vote limits will be awarded grants for the week – and the monies can be used for school. VOTING IS FREE!

How Much Grant Money Can I Win?

We run the voting rounds every week. You can raise a minimum of 10,000 Naira each week you participate.

There have been over 2,245 grant winners since we started the Grant Program in 2021. We want to get the numbers to 100,000 beneficiaries.

SolveEducation GRANT PROGRAM


Do I Have To Pay Any Fee To Register?

NO! You will not be required to pay any amount at any point in time. Participation is totally FREE!

If you work in, or run a Youth-Led or Youth-Focused NGO, partner with us!

Do you have youths who could benefit from our Scholarship programme? Send your proposal or request a meeting via