SELC: Educational Grants for Students to Thrive

Solve Education! Learning Competition— regarded as SELC, is an international learning competition with the sole purpose of rewarding young people for building skills—especially grooming their abilities to work in teams and unlocking essential soft skills that will spur them in their future endeavours.

You should sign up for this event if you intend to build essential soft skills that will set you up for a meaningful life.

Solve Education! first launched Solve Education! Learning Competition (SELC) in October 2021, where a team of 5 students from The Polytechnic, Ibadan, won 600 USD. You can find the winner’s profile here.

The second edition of SELC welcomed teams from the University of Lagos, Nigeria; Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun, Nigeria; Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria, among others. In March 2022, the winner of the 2nd edition of Solve Education! Learning Competition emerged from the University of Lagos. Team X-Factor from the University of Lagos won 800 USD at the time. Runners-up got consolation prizes. See the team profile here.

The third edition of the Solve Education! Learning Competition witnessed the dominance of the University of Lagos, as the school produced yet another winner, Team Jokers, who won 800 USD. Like the second edition, runners-up got consolation prizes. See the profile of the third edition winners here.

Lastly, the fourth edition of SELC saw the first-ever heightened contest. It was tense that the participating teams decided to settle for a “No winner” campaign. However, the runners-up teams, winning for the first time, were from Malaysia! AZAZ team and 5 Guerilla Naim won 175 USD and 120 USD, respectively. All participating teams got consolation prizes.

Solve Education Learning Competition2022 Winners from Malaysia

The fifth edition of the Solve Education! Learning Competition is now live! It is tagged “The Learning Pot.” Youth from across the world can win up to 2,000 USD when they achieve team objectives throughout the competition.

Prize Categories

Solve Education! will award the top three teams in SELC. The minimum the winner can get is 500 USD, and the maximum prize of 2,000 USD. The winner’s prize is decided by the Ed Wheel of Prize,” immediately after the official winner announcement.

The runners-up take 175 USD and 120 USD, respectively. See the competition registration page for event rules.

How to register your team for SELC?

Are you interested in learning English and letting others learn? 2000 USD awaits your team of 5. Click here to sign up for SELC Season 5

Learning English just got exciting! Here’s how

Learning English has been of utmost importance in the 21st century. English is spoken by some 1.75 billion people worldwide – that’s one in every four! This article explores how over 100,000 young people across different countries globally are getting paid to learn English!

English is the dominant language of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and is also an official language of India, the Philippines, Singapore, and many countries in sub-Saharan Africa. As the world’s number one language, it is a tool with which we market ourselves and get things done. 

For non-native English speakers who intend to visit the UK, the US, or Australia for academic or work purposes, their proficiency in English must be certified through the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). 

Every year, millions of people take the IELTS test and hundreds of thousands fail, denying them their academic and career dreams. Learning English is important and with our chatbot – ED the learning bot, you can learn and increase your proficiency in English for FREE.

And as an added advantage, you stand the chance to qualify for our daily 10GB prize every time you learn on our platform. The best part is that it is completely free! 

Solve Education! won’t collect a dime from you at any stage! You increase your mastery of English and get data in the process. How sweet is that?

All you need to participate is a Mobile phone, access to internet and the Telegram app.

Are you interested in learning English and winning free 10GB data? Click here

You can also join our English learning group on Telegram 

Lucky draw referral – refer and win

You can win N10,000 every week when you refer at least 50 – 100 people to do their first lucky draw through the Lucky Draw Referral event.

How to participate:

1. Find your referral code

Visit Ed the Learning Bot. Get assigned to an Agent bot then type command /profile to find your referral code for the Lucky Draw Referral event. 

2. Refer another person to use your code

Get your friend to visit Ed the Learning Bot principal bot. Type command /referral on

3a) Ensure that your friend collect points

Type command /play on your Agent bot to collect points. 


3b) Redeem their points for lucky draw tickets to stand a chance of winning 10GB weekly

Use command /redeem to redeem lucky draw tickets on

“About the event: The top 3 with the highest lucky draw referrals per week get N10,000 each.

Lucky draw referral on Ed the learning bot
Lucky draw referral on Ed the learning bot
Lucky draw referral on Ed the learning bot

How Nigerian students can win a grant with Solve Education!

At Solve Education, our major goal is to make education and employment accessible to children and youth who do not have access to schools. To achieve this, we leverage technology to create various programs and products. One of which is the ED Social Grant

This program takes the form of social voting on Telegram using Solve Education AI chatbot platform- Ed the learning bot. Through the Social Grant, Solve Education! pays undergraduates to build the soft skills they need to lead a meaningful life.

In 2021, over NGN4,000,000 has been invested in youths through the Social Grant. Lack of soft skills among young Nigerian graduates is largely responsible for their unemployability. 

According to a survey conducted in Nigeria, 65% of employers said self-confidence and interpersonal skills are often lacking in graduate recruits. 

So many soft skills are being developed, including but not limited to Communication & Interpersonal Skills, Grit and Determination, Sales & Marketing Skills, Leadership & Social Influence, time management etc.

From our experience connecting our talent community to jobs outside Nigeria, we can understand that- Hard skills get you the job. Soft skills make you keep the job.

Thousands of youths all over the country have participated in our programs and are better for it. 

Solve Education! has helped me polish my networking and communication skills.  It has also helped in boosting my confidence level and provided an avenue for meeting people of like minds” – Ikenna, a ED Social Grant Participant.

As Ikenna mentioned, participants in ED Social Grant get to partake in our community of highly driven youths over the country.  

Interested in learning soft skills and being paid in the process? 

Visit the Grant page now to register


SE! Scholars – June edition

Meet the June Scholars

Solve Education! Learning Competition awards a monthly micro-scholarship up to NGN500,000 to help youths build skills while motivating them to learn.

Solve Education Learning Competition June Winners
Ashinze Emmanuel

Ashinze Emmanuel

Team Lead - University of Lagos

Olanipekun Jesutofunmi

Olanipekun Jesutofunmi

University of Lagos

ChinazaNdidiamaka Oguejiofor

ChinazaNdidiamaka Oguejiofor

University of Lagos

Arafat Balogun

Arafat Balogun

University of Lagos

Nwokeji Ikenna

Nwokeji Ikenna

University of Lagos

Saheed Azeez

Saheed Azeez

University of Lagos